Rules 2018

The robotics contests are organized for at least one of the three categories (Kit, Hard, and Open) and for at least one of three age groups (Firefly, Junior, and Senior), according to the next table:

Contest Category* Age Group


(9 – 12 y/o)



(13 – 16y/o)



(17 – 19 y/o)

Dragsters Open X
Freestyle Open
Line Follower Hard
Line Follower Kit
Line Maze Open
Micro Sumo Open X
Mini Sumo Hard
Mini Sumo Kit
Pentabot Open
Solar Open
Wall Maze Hard
Football** Open X X X

* If a contest is organized for both Hard and Kit classes, the teams from one institution can participate just in one of these two categories.

** Due to the small number of football entries this contest will not be held at this year’s edition. We hope we will organize it in the next edition.

If you need some supplementary information, please do not hesitate to contact me: Mihai Agape,